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Joe Frick Law, PLLC: A Civil Litigation Law Firm

“Civil litigation” refers to disputes that can end in court (although when money damages are involved, they usually end up at the settlement table instead). Civil litigation can include personal injury claims, business disputes, lawsuits to clarify the title of real estate, or any other contentious matter. Courtroom litigation and even settlement negotiations are forms of combat, with winners and losers.

A Good Litigation Attorney is Your Sword and Your Shield

Just as you wouldn’t go into combat unarmed, you wouldn’t want to litigate without a skilled attorney by your side. A good civil litigation lawyer combines legal “combat skills” with negotiation prowess to craft a resolution to your dispute that is in your best interests. The difference in outcome that a skilled litigation attorney can produce is likely to be well worth any money you pay in legal fees. The best approach, of course, depends greatly on your priorities. You may prefer a “scorched earth” approach, or you might be looking for a more conciliatory approach against a defendant if, for example, you would like to preserve a business relationship.

Joe Frick is an Award-winning Litigator

Joe Frick was named a “Top Ten Personal Injury Attorney” by the National Association of Personal Injury Attorneys and a “Top 40 Under 40” litigator by The National Trial Lawyers. He combines a meticulous knowledge of Idaho civil law with an understanding of human nature and an absolutely relentless zeal to obtain justice for his clients – and that means you, if you choose to retain us.  

Civil Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prove to win a negligence case, such as a car accident?

You need to prove three elements to win:

  • Negligence – existence of a duty of care plus breach of that duty
  • Causation – the defendant’s negligence caused the accident
  • Damages – expressed in monetary terms

Each of these elements must be proven with admissible evidence under a “more likely than not” standard.

What happens when I file a lawsuit?

The process works like this:

  • You initiate the lawsuit by filing a formal Complaint with the filing fee.
  • The court serves the Complaint and other paperwork on the defendant.
  • The defendant responds, typically with a formal Answer.
  • The parties commence the discovery process.
  • A trial is held.
  • An appeal is held, if either party requests one.
What is “discovery?”

Discovery is the process by which each party demands information and evidence from the other side (and sometimes third parties) in order to prepare for trial.

Discovery may include requests for documents, information provided under oath, and even physical evidence. Discovery can be enforced by court order.


What is arbitration?

Arbitration is a trial with a private “rent-a-judge” and simplified rules of procedure. If you sue a defendant over a dispute arising out of a contract, for example, the contract may have included an arbitration clause that requires arbitration of your dispute and prevents courtroom litigation. Arbitration decisions normally cannot be appealed.

What is the difference between suing an individual and suing a corporation?

When you win a lawsuit against an individual, you may normally collect your judgment out of all of that individual’s personal assets (although, in many cases, an insurance company will end up paying the judgment). When you win a lawsuit against the corporation, you generally cannot draw on the assets of the individual who owns the corporation – you can only draw on the corporation’s assets.

Take the First Step Today

At most mega-firms, clients are little more than case numbers. At Joe Frick Law, PLLC, our clients are real people with individual needs. Since civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of disputes and concerns, no two cases are alike. Likewise, no two clients are alike. Our first priority is to listen to you, and only then work out a strategy for resolution of your dispute that responds to your unique concerns.

Joe Frick has been admitted to practice law in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Kansas, and the honors that he has received keep on piling up. If you are involved in a legal dispute in Nampa, Boise, or even further afield, pick up the phone today and call the experienced civil litigation lawyer at 208-401-9311, or simply contact us online. Either way, we will be happy to schedule a free, no-obligation initial evaluation of your case.